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Joshua Bowerman Joshua Bowerman

Joshua Bowerman
Managing Director

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Ben Liggins Ben Liggins

Ben Liggins
Managing Director

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Ryan Burkinshaw Ryan Burkinshaw

Ryan Burkinshaw
Associate Director

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Ben Liggins

Ben Liggins
Managing Director

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Daniel Allcock
Associate Director – Automation

Marium Dahar

Marium Dahar
Principal Consultant – Automation

Paul Butcher

Paul Butcher
Divisional Manager – Logistics & Supply Chain

Jeremiah Bavington
Head of Brand & Marketing

Alex Muir
Head of Talent and Employee Experience

Ciara Chan
Talent & Brand Specialist

Stuart Blair

Stuart Blair
Managing Consultant – Logistics & Supply Chain

Will Hatfield

Will Hatfield
Principal Business Consultant - Logistics & Supply Chain

Beth McDowall
Business Consultant - Automation

Jason Pargeter
Business Consultant - MENA Region

Scott Wooley

Scott Woolley
Managing Consultant – Logistics & Supply Chain

Oliver Gavins
Managing Consultant - AgTech

Molly Butler
Business Consultant - Fragrances, Personal Care and Home Care

Ruairidh Barr

Ruairidh Barr
Managing Consultant – Logistics Technology

Candice Liggins
Talent Acquisition Specialist

Yasmin Sieniawska
Business Consultant - Point of Care

Jack Colmer

Jack Colmer
Business Consultant – Flavours & Colours

Oliver Robertson
Business Consultant – Pharmaceutical Ingredients

Chris Middleton
Business Consultant – Logistics Technology and Project Logistics

Jodi-Ann Middlekop
Business Consultant – Mobile Robotics

Aaron Grime
Business Consultant - Transportation

Declan O’Hare
Business Consultant - Logistics & Supply Chain

Yasmine Cunningham
Business Consultant- AI Life Sciences

William Bach
Business Consultant - Pharmacy & Healthcare Automation

Benjamin Mock
Business Consultant - GreenTech

Josh Fitzgerald
Business Consultant- Gene & Cell Therapy

Jemima Beamish
Business Consultant- In Vitro Diagnostics & Lab Developed Testing

James Clinton Hunt
Business Consultant- CDMO and CMO

Harry Butler
Business Consultant - Testing, Inspection & Certification (TIC)

Zayne Mahmood
Business Consultant- Water and Wastewater Industry

Beth Granville
Business Consultant- Behavioural Health

Alex Lindsay
Business Consultant- Packaging & Packaging Machinery

Cian Scully
Business Consultant- AgTech

Samuel Bowerman
Research Associate