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Partnerships. Innovation. Results.

Rebrand Partnerships. Innovation. Results Before starting this project that served to evolve and redefine our company values, a number of reoccurring questions kept coming up at all different levels at JBAndrews: whether it was the marketing team asking, “what does ‘putting people first’ communicate to our clients in terms of our focus on performance and

Promotion vs Job Hopping

Is it always worth moving to another role just for more money? Reasons to stay loyal 64% of professionals think that changing roles every few years is helpful however 44% of bosses are not likely to hire people who job hop. Employers may worry about your loyalty or that you only stick around long enough

JBAndrews Summer Update

We’ve been extremely busy as of late which is why the regular updates and blogs have slowed down. However, as we come towards the end of summer we thought a JBA update was in order… The main business update in the JBAndrews office is that we’ve been working on a substantial expansion which will now

Interview Tips

Every hiring manager looks for different things in the people they interview, certain jobs require specific qualifications and personality types. There isn’t a set blue print to ace every interview – each requires you to perform in a different way depending on the job itself, the company and the interviewer. Be adaptable. I quite like

Retained vs Contingent Search

In this week’s blog we pick the brains of one of our newly promoted Managing Consultants, Ryan Burkinshaw. He has spent several years in recruitment before joining JBAndrews near the start of 2018. Ryan focuses on Freight Forwarding and Contract Logistics within North America and parts of Asia. Because of Ryan’s experience we thought he’d

Automation in Logistics

In this week’s blog we hear from one of our Senior Consultants, Alex Muir. He specialises in the Intralogistics market, making him the perfect person to help us reflect on the trends within automated logistics and warehousing at present. We’ll explore the way automation is starting to grow within logistics as well as how Alex