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We at JBAndrews firmly believe in putting people first.

From a corporate perspective, putting people first, means creating a company culture, backed up by a set of actions, that prioritises the people of an organisation above all else. We at JBAndrews have realised the power of creating a people-centric organisation, by valuing the happiness of employees as much as the bottom line.

People are at the heart of everything we do, and as a business we have the opportunity to truly put people first on three separate fronts. Firstly, with our own JBA team and culture; second with our service to candidates and clients; and finally the impact that we can have to lives in our local community.

Our goal is to build a truly global search firm by building purposeful partnerships and putting people first. Our success to-date is solely down to the exceptional people we employ. People that will always go above and beyond to meet the needs of those around them; and who all have a true ‘go-getter’ mentality.

JB Andrews

People-centric organisation

In order to create a culture that properly reflects our People First ethos, we have taken and continue to take, insight and feedback from all members of our team. This part of JBA is a constant evolution but here are a few examples of what we have incorporated as of January 2022:

Flexible working hours

Flexible working hours – we realise the working world is changing and so we now offer flexible starting and finishing hours, as well as the option to work from home.

Comprehensive physical and medical health

Comprehensive physical and medical health – nothing is more important to us than the physical and mental wellbeing of the JBA family. As such we provide comprehensive medical services that cater for both physical and mental health problems.

Workout Wednesdays

Workout Wednesdays – whether it is playing for a local sports team, going to the gym, doing a yoga class or simply going for a walk with a friend – we know that looking after your physical wellbeing, will in turn improve your mental health. Therefore, we offer our staff the opportunity to finish work early on a Wednesday to encourage them to work on these really important aspects of their lives.

World Mental Health Day

World Mental Health day – this year in recognition of World Mental Health Day, we introduced a new principle, where we gave all members of JBA Leeds and JBA Dubai, the day off to rest and recuperate; and ultimately spend time working on their own mental health.

Mental health courses

Mental health courses – this started in our first year as business with a great seminar led by Senior Psychological Wellbeing Practitioner, Thomas Boldy. Today we are running a weekly workshop with Rugby League giants Leeds Rhinos. They having been providing exceptional sessions through their Foundation led programme, Offload.

We are striving to become a market leader when it comes to looking after our employees. Therefore, if you as a JBA employee or as a candidate or client, have any recommendations for us - we are always looking to learn!

The second opportunity, that we at JBA have to Put People First, is with the service we provide to both our candidates and clients. In order to properly reflect what this means to us, we asked a few members of the JBA team, what putting people first means to them:

What putting people first means to me...

“Getting the right people for our clients, people are a company’s most valuable resource, and we care about our clients’ missions so we’re there to make sure they hire the people to achieve that mission.”

Paul Butcher
Divisional Manager – Logistics & Supply Chain

Paul Butcher

What putting people first means to me...

“It means we aren’t just a transactional business, we care about building and nurturing relationships, that’s relevant with clients, candidates, and us in the office.”

Molly Butler
Business Consultant - Fragrances, Personal Care and Home Care

What putting people first means to me...

“Properly understanding the people we work with in all areas of our business, not just financial needs but getting to know personalities and exactly what makes people them.”

Marium Dahar
Principal Consultant – Automation

Marium Dahar

What putting people first means to me...

“Leaving ego at the door, we’re only as strong as out weakest member. Business wise it’s making sure we ask the meaningful questions to best serve and understand our clients, it’s showing we care.”

Jack Colmer
Business Consultant – Flavours & Colours

Jack Colmer

What putting people first means to me...

“Truly caring about the people we work with by garnering genuine insight into people’s personality and understanding what makes them tick. Thus allowing us to best match candidate with client and vice versa.”

Jeremiah Bavington
Head of Brand & Marketing

What putting people first means to me...

“With clients aiming to understand a core value that the client wants aligned… with candidates; if we are able to understand their success story, we are able to get them their dream job which, without hyperbolising, can be life changing.”

Ryan Burkinshaw
Associate Director | Logistics & Supply Chain Consultant

Ryan Burkinshaw

Hopefully, clients and candidates that we have partnered with, would say that they have experienced a level of service that reflects these points. We like to think we would always go above and beyond to meet the needs of the people that we work with – we truly deliver value, and transform businesses, by putting people first.

We at JBAndrews realise that both as a collective, and as individuals we live privileged lives. But, what our people first culture has taught us, is that having these privileges doesn’t stop us from making an impact to the lives of those less fortunate than us – more than that, it demands that we do as much as we can.

What we have also come to realise is – that it is this part of our work where we can have the biggest effect. We know we are building a people first culture internally… and we are confident that the solutions we provide to our candidates and clients match this ethos too… but helping those in our community and doing are bit to improve the lives of people less fortunate than us – is where we want to build the JBAndrews Legacy.

JB Andrews

Putting people first

Since forming in 2018 we have done a whole host of different things to try and impact the lives of those less fortunate than us. A few examples of the projects we have done and continue to do:

Sponsoring the Seacroft Sharks kit, as well as delivering a renovation project to their changing rooms.

The Mission to Seafarers golf day in Dubai, donating money for seafarers across the world who live in extremely challenging conditions.

Various calendar initiatives through our local partners.

Leeds University Mental health darts event.

Huge Movember effort.

Leeds 10k + Yorkshire 3 Peaks

Blue Monday

In 2023 we are planning the following:

Continued partnership with the Leeds Rhinos Foundation.

More regeneration projects.

The usual support of Leeds Mind in their calendar initiatives.

Movember again.

Charity golf days in Dubai.

If you feel we could make and impact to your charity or help transform your local community please do get in touch - JOIN THE JBA LEGACY!