JBAndrews is a market leader in providing global recruitment solutions to the international Logistics, Industrial and Finance Worlds. Operating across seven continents we have developed an unparalleled understanding of each market we work within.

Having started solely operating in the Logistics industry, we then handpicked new consultants based on their industry expertise to help us branch out into the Industrial and Finance markets, making sure we do not compromise when it comes to specific market experience. We split our teams by industry and market and then by region. The industry and market split allows each consultant to continue developing a deeper understanding of the industry they specialise in and the operations of each business ensuring that all technical aspects are covered. The geographical split allows each consultant and their manager to develop exceptional knowledge of their respective local markets. This ensures that they not only have a strong relationship with the large multi-nationals but are also extremely well connected with those that are considered ‘local heroes’. By harnessing this approach we are able to excel in making c-level placements across the globe; whilst simultaneously providing regionally based solutions in both senior business development and senior technical/operational roles.

We’re proud of our fantastic family environment which we think brings out the best in our consultants, providing you with the best quality of service possible. As a young and ambitious team we apply the same core principal to the people that we place and the people that we hire. That is the belief that our greatest success is achieved when strategy is aligned with any company’s greatest asset – their people. Therefore, we also provide our clients with insight as to the personality traits of each candidate, ensuring that they fit seamlessly within the business from both a technical standpoint but also culturally.

Combining these attributes has placed us at the forefront of our respective industries, and positioned us to continue increasing the scope of our customer solutions and service.

JBAndrews boasts a wealth of experience within their Leadership Team with both co-founders coming in to the business having been group-wide top performers in 2017 and 2016 respectively. They have helped train up an exceptional team of consultants who have all now formed relationships with the top global companies in their markets. JBAndrews’ depth of talent and experience is what sets us apart as an executive search firm.